Student’s Name: Naif

Nationality: Saudi Arabian




My life in Keystone is full of fun because I get to know lots of students and teachers from Korea, Japan and Philippines. Every weekend, we plan party for the graduating students before they go back to their countries. Also,the students and teachers even supported us a lot during Ramadan, they even told us that if we want anything we just tell them. The teachers there are not just teachers, they are also our friends because they talk and play with us most of the time. I like Keystone, they are my family.



In all places, there are good things and bad things that we will encounter. But, when I studied at Keystone Academy, I get to experience a lot of good things which I enjoyed a lot. First, the activities, we get to enjoy the activities with the teachers and students and I had so much fun. Second, the food. The chef is good, he can cook good food and he knows how to cook some Arabian foods. Third, the teachers who really do everything to help all the students learn the English language and they will really help you if there are things that you don’t know or understand.



“We had a great time at KEYSTONE Academy. Teachers and students are friendly and accommodating. We learned a lot of things. Ms. Jennifer didn’t miss of asking us how have we been doing in our classes. We always have our weekly academic counselling and she encourages us to always speak English even after classes. I also enjoyed the activities after classes. We went to different places like restaurants and beautiful beach.” – Naif and Nawaf (Saudi Arabians)

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