Tuition Fee

*. SPARTA Course : Not allowed to go out on Weekdays(Mon~Thu), Night, SSM is mandatory

Admission Fee : $100

Local Payments(Payment in the Philippines)

*. Local fees may change depending on local circumstances.


  1. 3 Meals(Mon to Fri), 2 Meals(Weekend, Holiday)
  2. Premium room up to 4 persons
  3. Additional dormitory fee per one night: 1,500
  4. Personal Refrigerator rental fee: 1,500 peso per month
  5. Visitor Dormitory Fee : 1,500/night(max 3night, share room with their family), Single room : 2,500 peso/night
  6. Add/Change Class : Additional 1:1 class($150), Additional Group class($120), Change class from group to 1:1($100)


  • Email :

  • Skype :

  • Facebook Messanger : keystonesubic

  • +63-47-250-0368

  • +63-995-019-1300

Pick-Up Service vs Airport Bus

How to save more your money for the transportation for the pickup service. You can save as much as 81USD.
Most students prefer to commute to KEYSTONE Academy by requesting the detailed information to get here.
KEYSTONE staff will guide the student real time communication tool(Facebook messenger, LINE, Kakaotalk, TEXT messages) all throughout from departure(Your Country) to arrival to KEYSTONE Academy.

  • Airport bus from Manila Airport to Clark airport (takes 2 hours) – 400 peso

  • Airport bus from Clark Airport to Subic Shopping Mall (takes 1 hour) – 200 peso