Safe Environment with 0% Crime Rate


Did you know that there is an area of 0% crime rate in the Philippines?

The Subic Free Economic Zone is the only one.

The first question for students thinking about Philippine training is “Is it safe?”
We think many of these questions are natural. But we think that most of the answers are ambiguous: “It’s okay.”

We can not guarantee safety. However, there is a place in the Philippines that can guarantee safety.

It is the only area where you can be confident that the crime rate is 0%. It is a place where security is better than Korea. It is Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Why Subic’s security is good?

Subic is one of the most popular Freeport Zone in the Philippines and operates on the basis of its own laws, which are similar to US federal law. The Subic is a safe zone with the best police system in the Philippines with over 1,600 police. Subic is a safe area that has received the highest rating in the 4th grade travel alert system designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Subic Economic Free Zone (SBMA) is the area that controls personnel access and is the safest place in the Philippines.

  • Filipino’s only gun ban area
  • Less than 2,000 inhabitants, 1,600 police officers
  • No nightlife
  • Prohibited access by locals without access authorization ID
  • Jeepneys and tricycles with many stolen and safety issues are prohibited
  • Areas where foreigners are frequent and invested in safe areas

Special Economic Zone

It is designated as a special economic zone (address is also listed as FREEPORT ZONE, so please check), and it is the only special economic zone in the Philippines that is directly managed by the Philippine government.

The highest security in the Philippines

It is an area where 1,600 police are always on guard. Because the 24-hour police are patrolling all the places in the SEZ, the enforcement is strict. This is the only area where the police patrols on all parts of the Zone.

Clean Environments

SBMA is a places that you can not easily enter. it is crucially different from other regions.

Locals who can enter SEZs are limited to locals who work in a company within the SEZ, ie have an ID card. Therefore, you must come out of the SEZ when you are done. Because there is no general public transportation in SEZ, such as jeepneys or tricycles, there is neither traffic nor smoke.

A variety of facilities

Unlike the streets in general, the Subic Economic Free Zone is well maintained and there is no trash on the road. The area is called Little California and the city itself is clean. There is no problem in women’s evening jogging alone, and there is no inconvenience in living in the SEZ, shopping mall, movie theater, money exchange, supermarket, cafe, restaurant, massage shop,

KEYSTONE’s security guard

Security Guards

The security guards work in two shifts 24 hours a day, so that students can enjoy a safe working life.

In addition, students are strictly managed to control the entrance and exit of students, as well as passage between male and female dormitories. And we are always working at the guard house in case of an emergency.

SBMA Official Video