Maintaining a learning environment conducive to learning and managing the lives of students through life counseling.

Learning consultation once a month

KEYSTONE conducts consultations on a regular basis at least once a month. Monthly test report every last Friday of the month makes the students assess themselves. At that time, the counselor analyzes the results and interprets the reports to the students for them to know their weaknesses and their strengths. KEYSTONE also conducts consultation regarding the opinions of the students related to the overall learning, like to change or modify their classes and also their schedules if they want.

Living consultation once a month

The living consultation of the students is managed by the manager. Managers with rich student management experience will help you to communicate smoothly with your surroundings and help them live a comfortable life. If you have any inconveniences or suggestions, you can get help from time to time.


In KEYSTONE, in addition to one-to-one and group classes, several Keystone classes are integrated into the curriculum.

If you get used to the one-to-one class, you can speak in front of your teacher without worrying about your mistakes, but you may not be able to speak in front of many people because you are worried about your mistakes. In that sense, it can be said that a one-to-one class alone is insufficient.

English only policy

KEYSTONE Academy has adopted English Only Policy. Each of these rules has advantages and disadvantages, but we have decided to run this EOP rule in the opinion that it is necessary to acquire English in a short period of time.

The best way to learn a language is to be exposed and to be familiarized with the language environment. Providing the best English education, KEYSTONE provides an environment to familiarize you with English by communicating 100% in English in all areas such as in dorms and classrooms that are exposed to English 24 hours except in Korean zone.

University Academic Partner

KEYSTONE works with Columban College Inc. (CCI) and is recognized as a college-affiliated English course.

If you complete the course at KEYSTONE, you can also receive a CCI certificate. However, the CCI ESL certificate is for groups, but if the student actually wants to, it is possible to take English language training at CCI and to trial classes for each specialization.