All facilities of KEYSTONE are designed and built as a new building dedicated to the academy, and we make every effort to provide clean and comfortable living through regular sanitation and facility maintenance.


It is the office of Keystone employees who support and strive to make sure that trainees are able to adapt locally and concentrate on learning without discomfort.


Classrooms are divided into 1: 1, small groups, large groups, presentation rooms, testing rooms, and multipurpose rooms depending on the class.

Each classroom is transformed into a space that utilizes creativity. In order to increase the concentration of students’ classes, color therapy and sound insulation are considered.


All facilities are designed intended for the language academy , so they are provided with an optimal, comfortable and convenient living space. Each room has a single bed and basic bedding (pillow, blanket, bed cover), wardrobe, desk and chair, toilet and shower (hot water) and air conditioning.

The dormitories are single, double, triple*, premium and penthouse, and cleaned once a week.


There is a self-study room where students can go freely any time, reference books are prepared, and there is a separate partition, so you can concentrate on your studies more. There is also a space where you can discuss things with your friends. It is Wi-Fi ready, so you can watch video lectures, and study online anytime.

Sport Facilities

Basic physical fitness gym facilities are available to prevent physical deterioration due to study and to exercise for active trainees any time.

In addition, you can use the outdoor basketball court and badminton, and you can use the indoor badminton, tennis, swimming pool and other sports facilities for a fee that are 15 minutes away.


In order to provide better meals to students who are studying hard, a certified chef is preparing a balanced diet for students every week. It is based on Korean food and offers menus for students from other countries.

Other Facilities

In particular, the area around Keystone Academy is the best place for healing, and it is a good environment for enjoying various personal activities such as walking and hiking.

Around Environment

Within 15 minutes from Keystone Academy, there are a variety of entertainment options.