1. Do not bring any dangerous items such as alcohol, guns, knives, or weapons in academy
  2. Prohibition of acts of violence such as assault, theft, property destruction
  3. No access to academy buildings without permission during regular working hours
  4. Be sure to wear academy ID and  follow the dress codes during the class.
  5. Appropriate attire for classes (no hot pants, mini skirts, sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops)
  6. Observe proper hygiene
  7. Forbid using cell phones during class and it must be turned off.
  8. Address the title “Teacher” to your teacher
  9. Follow the teacher’s instruction properly during class
  10. Avoid inappropriate physical contact between other students and teachers
  11. Do not use other’s goods without permission
  12. Respect other cultures and lifestyles, avoid sensitive subjects (religion, politics, past history, etc.)
  13. Do not interrupt other students while giving their comments and opinions during class
  14. Visitor is allowed to visit from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with permission in advance from the office manager.
  15. You must inform the office when you lose your dormitory key (you have to replace all the dormitory keys to prevent someone from using your lost key, penalty: 1,000 pesos)
  16. EOP English Only Policy must be implemented within the academy premises
  17. Noise control after 10 pm (to avoid disturbing other people’s sleeping, studying, warning in case of violation and dismissal)
  18. No other students are allowed to enter and exit the dormitory room (except for students who have lost their dormitory roommate)
  19. Using  tapes, pegs, etc. in the dormitory are prohibited.
  20. Observe the meal time and you are not allow to carry-out of tableware (Penalty for violation: 500 pesos)
  21. Check your academy hours and set your clock (all rules are based on academy time)
  22. Always keep important things with you in order to avoid theft
  23. CCTV is not available for private use without prior permission
  24. When going out, make sure to log in the guard house’s diary and surrender your ID card and dormitory key
  25. Observe the academy’s curfew hours (from Sunday to Thursday: 11 pm, Friday and Saturday: 1 am on the day before holiday)


Warning Action (Primary / Secondary, Third Offense)

  1. Curfew
  2. If you go outside the campus without prior permission (if necessary, you can consult with the academy manager before you can get permission)
  3. Unauthorized use of academy keys or restricted access
  4. Trying to bring alcohol
  5. Smoking inside campus outside the designated area (there is a designated area for smoking)
  6. After 10 pm, Noise
  7. If you are absent from academy twice a week (depending on the situation, the class will be deleted for 4 weeks and a separate assignment will be given)
  8. Other violations of academy regulations


Expulsion (no refund)

  1. Very bad attitudes towards the rules of academy, officials and staff
  2. Gambling, theft
  3. Attempting to go out after curfew
  4. If defamation or property damage is caused by the students(we may claim damages for damages)
  5. Comparing and promoting your agency to other students
  6. In and out of the room
  7. Failure to report damage to academy facilities
  8. To have an intimate relationship with the officials, staffs or teachers
  9. Trying to bring in illegal drugs
  10. Other violations of academy regulations