Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework that was first released in 2011. It is known for its elegant syntax, expressive and intuitive syntax, and the ability to build complex web applications quickly. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Laravel development.

Advantages of Laravel Development

  1. MVC Architecture: Laravel uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application logic from the presentation layer. This makes it easier to develop, test, and maintain web applications.
  2. Routing: Laravel makes it easy to define application routes, which helps to create clean and organized URLs.
  3. Eloquent ORM: Laravel includes an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system called Eloquent, which simplifies database management and eliminates the need to write SQL queries.
  4. Blade Templating Engine: Laravel’s Blade templating engine makes it easy to create reusable templates and layouts, which helps to maintain consistency across web pages.
  5. Security: Laravel has built-in security features, such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, which helps to prevent common web application vulnerabilities.

Laravel Development Tools

  1. Composer: Composer is a dependency manager for PHP that makes it easy to manage and install Laravel packages.
  2. Artisan: Artisan is Laravel’s command-line interface (CLI) tool that automates repetitive tasks, such as creating controllers and models.
  3. Homestead: Homestead is a pre-configured Vagrant box that provides a development environment for Laravel applications.
  4. Laravel Forge: Laravel Forge is a server provisioning and deployment tool that simplifies the process of deploying Laravel applications.

Skills Required for Laravel Development

  1. Knowledge of PHP syntax, functions, and Laravel’s MVC architecture.
  2. Understanding of database management and Eloquent ORM.
  3. Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Knowledge of version control systems like Git.
  5. Understanding of server-side web development concepts and technologies.


Laravel is a powerful and versatile PHP web application framework that simplifies the process of building complex web applications. Its intuitive syntax, built-in security features, and powerful tools make it a popular choice for web development projects. With the right skills and tools, Laravel development can help you create scalable and efficient web applications that meet the needs of modern businesses.

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