The TOEIC course is a test preparation course for students who need an official English language proficiency score for employment or who need a short-term target score. Classes are structured so that students can learn the essential parts through daily TOEIC mock tests and part-by-part assessment so that they can efficiently achieve their target scores within a short period of time.

  • Daily TOEIC mock test and Interactive exercises that reflect meaningful, real-life workplace situations and tasks
  • Voice narration in the same voices you’ll hear on the actual TOEIC test
  • Updates about your score report complete with an estimate of your TOEIC score range as well as diagnostic feedback similar to the official score report
  • An assessment of your strengths and areas where you can improve along with suggestions about what lessons you might want to repeat

Keystone’s TOEIC BOOST provides in-depth review on student’s previous listening and reading test, and test-like practice to build your English-language skills for the TOEIC exam. This fully revised lesson includes test-taking strategies, expert tips, and up-to-date test information so you can take the TOEIC Test with confidence.

  • Class Structure(8 hours)

-Daily TOEIC Mock Test
-Reading and Comprehension I
-Reading and Comprehension II
-Vocabulary for TOEIC
-Grammar for TOEIC
-TOEIC Listening Practice I
-TOEIC Listening Practice II
-TOEIC Listening & Reading Coaching
-Listening Practice(Dictation)
  • Class Level : K1 ~ K5

  • Class Hours : 8H a day / 40H a week

  • Test : Entrance, Level /4 weeks

  • Starting Date : Every Monday

  • Age Limit : Over 15 years old

  • Registration Date : 4 weeks or more


Our Business English course has been designed for all business professionals seeking a specialized English education with professional and well experienced teachers. We offer a full range of Business English courses at our Academy, whether you are the CEO, a manager, business professional, or even a student looking to advance your Business career, you can choose to take a Business English course at Keystone. This course will improve your English skills to help you succeed in the Business world.


  • Flexible lessons to meet emerging needs
  • Flexible training, scheduling, and duration
  • Customized materials, including sample business documents and pertinent business readings through newspaper, social media, business blogs, vlogs, Business websites etc.
  • A choice of training methods, including business presentations, negotiations, writing business letters, Simulated Business meetings and self-study guidelines.
  • Experienced trainers using participative, practical methodology
  • Ongoing review and assessment

Keystone’s Business English Course was recently updated to provide students with the most up-to-date resources based on CEFR level, including newly revised textbooks, and new supplemental materials that reflect the ever-evolving global workplace.

  • Class Structure(7 hours)

-Business Communication
-Business Vocabulary
-Writing Business Letters
-Grammar for Business
-Business Meetings/Negotiations/Discussion
-Business Presentation
-Listening Practice(Dictation)
  • Student Level: K1 ~ K5

  • Class Hours : 7H a day / 35H a week

  • Test : Entrance, Level / 4 weeks

  • Starting Date : Every Monday

  • Age Limit : Over 15 years old

  • Registration Period : 4weeks or more