Why IT learning is necessary

Indispensable technology! Utilized in all industries!


Prepare for future career field

IT-related tasks are expected to increase in future career fields. If you build up knowledge and experience in your future job field through IT learning, you can discover new opportunities and prepare for the future.


Improving employment competitiveness

Since IT-related work is increasing in modern society, acquiring IT skills is a great help in improving job competitiveness. Through IT learning, you can take on a new career field, become competitive in this field, and increase your employability.



The IT field requires creative problem-solving skills. Through IT, you can learn how to find solutions to various problems and actively use them to improve your creative problem-solving skills.


Increase work efficiency

IT technology can greatly improve the efficiency of business operations. Through IT learning, you can acquire the necessary skills in each field and apply them to your work to perform your work more efficiently.

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KEYSTONE Academy aims to cultivate practical global IT talents.

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Professional Team

Professional instructors specializing in curriculum and technology created by IT experts

Practice-Oriented Classes

IT classes are conducted in small group units optimized for practice-oriented learning.

Learning IT and English at once

Acquire program development skills and English at the same time

Professional Skills Seminar

IT technology update seminar


Web Core

Learning the basic knowledge required for web development

Based on web standard technology, the curriculum is structured in the form of TASK & PROJECT, focusing on nurturing web application developers, progressing step by step from the basics, and enabling smooth learning of basic and applied learning.



Learning development skills by language and platform

The curriculum is structured in a TASK & PROJECT format so that students can learn the latest technologies and frameworks applied in practice and acquire application program development capabilities.

Java | Mobile



Specialized Courses for Organizations and Groups

+Coding : This is a course that teaches basic IT skills along with English for students who are not familiar with IT or who are new to coding.

+Project: This is a practical course that combines a practical project based on standard project execution methodology and practical English education. You will receive technical training required by the company while carrying out a work project in connection with an IT company. Those who have completed the 6-month training will be recommended for internships and employment in domestic and overseas IT companies.

Coding | Project