The basic purpose of this program is to provide an environment where you can create a program that suits you by choosing only the essential parts you need, not the stereotypical self-development program, and create an environment where you can make a turning point in your life based on the passion you find through learning the English language.

You can get away from daily life for a while and have an opportunity to rest peacefully in nature and recharge through activities, and you can fill in your dissatisfaction with English through Basic English language learning

The course is designed for professionals, workers, and students who wish to refresh their English skills, learn new ideas about language, discover new activities, and share ideas with qualified teachers. Students enrolled in this course can learn and having fun at the same time.

  • Class Structure(5 hours)

-Integrated Speaking
-Reading & Conversation
-Conversational Grammar
*.Survival English
-Topic Based Discussion
-Listening Practice(Dictation)
  • Class Level : None

  • Class Hours : 5H a day / 25H a week

  • Test : Entrance

  • Starting Date : Every Monday

  • Age Limit : None

  • Registration Period : 2 weeks or more



Junior Camp