The basic purpose of this program is to provide an environment where you can create a program that suits you by choosing only the essential parts you need, not the stereotypical self-development program, and create an environment where you can make a turning point in your life based on the passion you find through learning the English language.

You can get away from daily life for a while and have an opportunity to rest peacefully in nature and recharge through activities, and you can fill in your dissatisfaction with English through Basic English language learning

The course is designed for professionals, workers, and students who wish to refresh their English skills, learn new ideas about language, discover new activities, and share ideas with qualified teachers. Students enrolled in this course can learn and having fun at the same time.

-Integrated Speaking
-Reading & Conversation
-Conversational Grammar
*.Survival English
-Topic Based Discussion
-Listening Practice(Dictation)
  • CLASS LEVEL : None

  • CLASS HOURS : 5H a day / 25H a week

  • TEST : Entrance

  • START DATE : Every Monday

  • AGE LIMIT : Over 15 years old

  • REGISTRATION PERIOD : 2 weeks or more



Junior Camp



Our Business English course has been designed for all business professionals seeking a specialized English education with professional and well experienced teachers. We offer a full range of Business English courses at our Academy, whether you are the CEO, a manager, business professional, or even a student looking to advance your Business career, you can choose to take a Business English course at Keystone. This course will improve your English skills to help you succeed in the Business world.


  • Flexible lessons to meet emerging needs
  • Flexible training, scheduling, and duration
  • Customized materials, including sample business documents and pertinent business readings through newspaper, social media, business blogs, vlogs, Business websites etc.
  • A choice of training methods, including business presentations, negotiations, writing business letters, Simulated Business meetings and self-study guidelines.
  • Experienced trainers using participative, practical methodology
  • Ongoing review and assessment

Keystone’s Business English Course was recently updated to provide students with the most up-to-date resources based on CEFR level, including newly revised textbooks, and new supplemental materials that reflect the ever-evolving global workplace.

-Business Communication
-Business Vocabulary
-Business Writing
-Business Grammar

-Discussion(Business Meetings/Negotiations)
-Presentation (Business Presentation)

-Dictation (Listening Class)

-Daily Vocabulary and Sentence
-Job Interview
-Writing Activities
-Reading and Watching Business English Vocabulary and Phrases

  • CLASS HOURS : 7H a day / 35H a week

  • TEST : Entrance, Level / 4 weeks

  • START DATE : Every Monday

  • AGE LIMIT : Over 15 years old

  • REGISTERATION PERIOD : 4weeks or more

-Job Interview (Common Interview Questions)
-Writing Activities (CV or Resume Preparation)
-Reading and Watching Business News
-Business English Vocabulary and Phrases