Student’s Name: Takeru

Nationality: Japanese



I eat breakfast at 7:00 am and start to study at 8:00 am. I have lots of English classes such as grammar, speaking, writing, and presentation which is a good thing because I get to learn so many skills. In addition, I talk with some teachers and staffs when I have free time and it’s a good experience for me. My classes are until 5:00 in the afternoon and after that I sometimes join the staffs to have dinner and we ate Filipino cuisines and I really like the foods that we had. When I come back to the dormitory, I do my homework which was given by my teachers and I use my phone to watch videos and chat through social media and at 10 in the evening, I go to bed.



I like the design and the atmosphere of Keystone. I also like the weather, it’s a little warm and it makes me relax. Also, the KEYSTONE teachers and staffs are kind, they smile a lot and they are really friendly. When it comes to the services that they offer like foods, laundry, fridge and all the other services all are good and I didn’t encounter any problem.



“I stayed at Keystone Academy for two weeks. There is a dormitory on the premises, and there is also a refrigerator and laundry service. The level of the textbook is determined from the results of the test on the first day, and classes are taken accordingly. There are private lessons and group lessons. The teachers are very friendly and you can enjoy chatting outside of class. In the season I went, there weren’t many students, so I had a lot of time to interact with the teachers and staff. The school building is located a short distance up the mountain from the main street, so you can relax surrounded by nature. There are cute cats too! However, when I want to do some shopping, I have to call a taxi driver and go to the mall, so I can only do that when I have extra time. There is a water server in the school cafeteria, so I use it. The teachers and staff took a lot of pictures and videos during the activities, and we keep them as treasures. They are very welcoming to their students, so I think we will have good memories!” – Takeru

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