Student’s Name: Nori

Nationality: Japan



I have experienced many things. The teachers were friendly and fun so I enjoyed studying English. I also enjoyed my daily activities because I’m satisfied with the environment. Subic is safe and clean, so early in the morning and even in the evening I can walk around Keystone and in the forest. I enjoyed the activities like visiting Zoobic Safari, swimming at the local beach, shopping at the local market, eating tropical fruits and local foods which I haven’t experienced in Japan. I hope to keep these memories for the rest of my life.



I like the environment of Keystone. It’s very comfortable to walk and jog in the forest. At first, I walked alone but later on other students joined me and it’s a good memory for me. I sometimes do yoga early in the morning on the rooftop and I could relax and feel refreshed by the nice wind and weather. I couldn’t forget when we did yoga with the teachers and some students during our Thursday activity. I like the teachers of Keystone because they are friendly, kind, and funny.



“In my spare time, I enjoy swimming at the beach, horseback riding and other activities in Subic. I am thankful of these healthy hobbies as I am still in good spirit at the age of 70.” – Nori (Japanese)

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