“Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” – Marva Collins

Maeng Juni or June as we call him took an ESL course in our institution for 4 months and later on took an IELTS course for 2 months. He, by that time is hoping that he can get the 5.0 band score for him to go to Canada and meet his brother and with all his efforts in studying and also his teachers’ words of encouragements, he got to achieve the score that he was aiming for.

June claimed that the first time was really difficult for him because he had so many mistakes on his IELTS mock tests but he got to overcome it with the help of his teachers who encouraged him to strive more and his friends who were very supportive. June took his IELTS exam in Korea last January 2023, right after studying in KEYSTONE. He garnered an overall 5.0 band score. He is currently studying in Canada and achieving his dream.

Job well done, June! We are so proud of you and your achievements.

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